Saturday, September 29, 2012

Designer Meets Low End

Some people look forward to Saturdays, I don't. I have class most of the day, it's supposed to be from 8-5, fortunately for me the professor I have this term generally lets us out no later than 2 o'clock. 

Dress: Faded Glory. Lace Blazer: Torrid. Wedges: Coach. Necklace: Kmart. Earrings: Alley Cat

Although I am not a huge paisley print fan, I really liked this dress when I seen it. I think part of my attraction was the coloring is so pretty, and the fact that it was only $16, which I am always down to pay a cheaper price. Blazer wise, this is probably my favorite out of all that I own. These shoes are not by any means new, I got them almost 4 years ago. I normally am not into logos being on clothing items, but once again, I was attracted to the coloring of the shoe and they are pretty comfortable too. 


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    1. I know right, I think everyone needs a lace blazer!
      This one is last season, but they have one right now almost identical-I think mine is a one button, but this is a two button. Here the link if you are interested: