Monday, October 1, 2012


I should of done this post yesterday but didn't get around to it. My Dad and I took my daughter to see Ice Age: Continental Drift at the movie theater on base. I think the movie is technically out of theaters, but still not on DVD, anyways, it was $2.75 for adults and $1 for kids so no complaints here; plus we all enjoyed the movie.

Dress: Fashion Bug. Short Sleeved Jacket: Fashion Bug. Shoes: Ed Hardy. Glasses: Fossil. Earrings: Charlotte Russe. Belt: Off a vest from Sears.
My daughter: Shirt: Disney. Pants: Harajuku Mini for Target. Shoes: Carter's. Necklace: Monster High

Anyone with kids, I would highly recommend checking out Harajuku Mini for Target. I believe the line is by Gwen Stephani, but it is SOOO CUTE! I haven't done much scoping of their line for boys-since I have a daughter, but the things I have seen are pretty great.

I am loving the snakeskin/reptile print right now. I am really wanting to add some heels and a bag in it, except bag wise I want one that's real snake skin! There is a place called Tandy Leather Factory that sells genuine python, so I've been kind of thinking about getting some and making my own clutch, but it's $80/meter, and you have to buy a minimum of two. Maybe a future project.

I'm not gonna lie, I am in love with Ed Hardy design. My car is decorated in the "love kills slowly" design. When I seen these shoes, I was initially eyeing a tealish/turquoise sort of pair, but they didn't have them in my size, so I went with the pink. These ones say "stay true" but you can get similar one's Here and Here.  I like this outfit, but it is kind of out of character for me with all the neutral and earthy tones. I have been wanting a shirt dress for years, but I always have issues finding ones that I like the fit, until I can across this one. My only issue with this one is the fact that it wrinkles so easy, but I am willing to deal.


  1. I love that you are working it to go see a movie!! heels and all!

    1. Going to the movies is the best time to wear heels...a lot of sitting and not much walking! lol