Monday, November 5, 2012


Happy November, soon enough it will be Thanksgiving and then before you know it, Christmas. Oh how time fly's. I went shopping today. I needed a new pair of sneakers. My last pair fell apart awhile ago, and the more I put off buying some, the more excuse that I have to not even attempt to work out. So I got some and a new pair of jeans. Nothing super special or exciting, just basic necessities. I also did a bit of Christmas shopping, I generally start the end of October/early November. It makes it easier when it gets closer to have a good portion out of the way. 

Shirt: LYS. Dress: Faded Glory. Shoes: Route 66. Purse: Mossimo. Necklace and Earrings: Fashion Bug. Bracelet: Charlotte Russe.

 I found this purse at Target awhile ago and kept putting off on buying it, once again glad I did-CLEARANCE!I probably wouldn't of put this purse with this outfit, however I went out on Saturday night, and never ended up switching purses.

Anyone else start Christmas shopping already?

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