Sunday, November 25, 2012

Royaly Reptiled and Striped Blue

Blazer: Beverly Drive. Shirt: Faded Glory. Purse: Betsey Johnson. Jeans: Lane Bryant. Shoes: Unlisted. Necklace: Walmart

Loving the booties. I have obviously been on a reptile print kick-completely unconsciously at this point, I swear.  These are available in reptile, black, and leopard print.

This is one of those $5 gift necklaces that Walmart brings out in lots of different pendants during Christmas time. Its comes with studs, but I never use them; I would much rather the pendant be bigger   and not include earrings-just my preference though.

 I found this blazer at Sears on Thanksgiving night, I guess what is being called Gray Thursday? IDK.  It's normally $44, but is on sale for $19.99. Pretty good deal if you ask me. Quality wise it is almost identical to that of Torrid blazers. I was pretty thrilled. I bought two of them, but I am kind of thinking of going back and getting two more, maybe, we'll see. They had them in blue, purple, black, red, a dark pink, and a light teal. I would be interested in acquiring the last two colors. I would recommend sizing down however. These blazer will say size 24/26, 20/22, etc. I had grabbed my normal size, tried it on and realized I needed to downsize. I walked back & got another one and proceeded to pay. When I got home I realized I replaced it with one that was the same damn size! I ended up having to make a trip back to the mall to exchange it-I was practically drowning in my normal size- along with a shoddy ass sweater that I realized the seam was completely unraveled when I got home.

Lastly this bag. Super cute, but not super quality. I got it from TJ Max for $20, which is alright. I certainly would never pay the listed price for a Betsey Johnson or Betseyville bag. They are cute and trendy, but the quality of any I have ever owned is less than spectacular.