Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting Lippy

Lately I have been on a lipstick binge, specifically for cheaply priced ones. Some of these I have had for a few months, some are brand new. FYI, I have a 4 year old who likes to get into Mommy’s makeup, so some of them are a little tore up. All with the exception of one, are Wet and Wild, in order from left to right: 511B Noueve Pink, 510A Light Beige Frost, 533B Taj Mauve Hal, NYC 305 Ruby, 522A Dark Wine, 508A Black Orchid, 552A Just Garnet, 516 Sunrise Peach, 547B Breeze. The price of these are unbeatable: Ninety-eight cents!

Hand swatches. These are in the same order as above. I just couldn't quite get the lighting right between the picture on the right and the one below. the colors are actually between those two. 
511 Noueve Pink: Love this color, reminds me of glossy bubblegum.

553B Taj Mauve Hal: A nice shimmering color. 

508A Black Orchid: This has recently been my go-to color. I do not normally wear it how it looks in the picture however-it also appears a little more brown than in person. I wanted to show what it looks like when put directly on. I actually blot it some, and this one is great for long wear because it actually stains your lips a bit. I wore this lipstick in my last blog post. 

305 Ruby, NYC: This is also one of my favs. It is so pretty, very red with hints of gold shimmer.

 547B Breeze: I have been looking for a sort of true biegish/light brown shimmer, the color is one that Olay used to make and I haven’t found it in years. This color appeared to be it, until I tried it on. I like the color, just not what I was really trying to buy.  

510A Light Beige Frost: I personally wouldn’t consider this beige, but this is how the color appears. 

 516 Sunrise Peach: I do like this color, but since it is sort of orange, it makes the teeth look similar in color, which I am not fond of.

 552A Dark Wine:

 522A Just Garnet.

Clearly I have really been into shades of red/burgundy. I need to get some more pink. Overall I am very satisfied with the lipsticks. All of the above mentioned lipsticks have a creamy consistency. One aspect of them that I enjoy is that they do not dry my lips out like some other brands I have tried. 


  1. I like the pink shade!
    Thanks For the comment :)

  2. Hello!thank you so much for visiting my blog!You know, I have an almost-4-yrs-old girl who likes to play with my makeup too!She prefers blush though :-))) Would you like to follow each other dear?just let me know!let's stay in touch Kisses Coco

  3. All these colors are amazing.I want all of them.

    I appreciate your comment by the way.I am following you already.

  4. I am just getting into lipstick but I'm loving the red and burgundy colors!

  5. I am terrible when it comes to lipstick I own far too many! I really love the darker ruby shade. Nice swatches.