Thursday, November 29, 2012


 Jacket, Dress, Leggings, and Boots: Torrid. Belt and Necklace: Fashion Bug. Earrings: Old Navy

 This dress is old, I have had it for over a year now; I just bought the boots though. I've been eyeing them online, but as I mentioned many times, I hate buying shoes online without knowing how they will fit first. I went to Torrid yesterday and seen them, tried 'em on, and they are pretty awesome-by the way, Torrid is having a BOGO 50% off. I wore them for hours today and they are comfortable enough. One thing about these boots is that they are SUPER wide calfed, not only is there massive room, but to top it off they also have one of those elastic bands that runs the inside length to add extra width if someone needed it.
I'm really hoping that I can stay home and just sleep in tomorrow, I'm feeling deliriously sleep deprived. My daughter and I have been running nonstop this week. She got her last serious of shots, and unfortunately had an allergic reaction to the chickenpox vaccine-she's doing alright though. But yeah, I think we both need a break.


  1. Those boots are super cute. I too am looking forward to sleeping in this weekend. I had a friend just ask me to help her move on Saturday morning and I wanted to cry! I told her I could be there by 11. This pregnant mama has got to get some zzzzs!

    1. Thanks. I hate any sort of moving. Good luck to you and your friend on that one. Definitely hope you get some sleep.

  2. Awww the dress really suits you girl!
    your fab new (!) follower
    ps: I love your writing style and blog! So, as I said, I followed! Check out mine and maybe follow back if you like? :)