Thursday, November 8, 2012

Red and Teal

My daughter and I went to see Silent Hill: Revelation. I know it's an adult movie, but she does happen to like horror movies just like her mama. Plus there was no sex in it, so we were good there. The movie was good, and it cleared up any confusion left over from the first one. Afterwards we got cupcakes at this awesome little cupcake shop right next the theater.

Blazer: Torrid. Shirt: Lane Bryant. Earrings: Fuego. Necklace: Kmart. Jeans: Pure Energy. Shoes: Mossimo. Purse: Mossimo. 

I have had this LB shirt forever, and I love it.

 I have been using this purse pretty much everyday since I bought it. I've been in the habit of  not trying on jeans anywhere except ones that I have purchased before. I have such issues with finding pants that fit well. Majority of the time I try ones on they are WAY too long, or the rise is off, they are too big in the wrong places, etc. Anyways, I seen these ones at Target and really like the wash of them-they are slightly more gray than they appear in these pics, so I tried them on, and LOVED the fit. They are a tad too long, so I may hem them, or just keep them like this and wear them with my higher heels, IDK.

 These heels are so cute, pointy toe, stiletto heel, but wholly crap are they are uncomfortable. I tapped out at about 4 1/2 hours of wear.

Jubilee Cupcakes, not the most flattering expression on her, but oh well the cupcakes were good. We got the Elvis- peanut butter and bananas, and a chocolate mint.

I had to have her pose with this awesome movie poster. And her outfit fits right in with the theme! lol


  1. She's so super cute, and I love that outfit on you. Is the jacket red or coral? Either way, I love it against the teal color. Hope you have a blessed day!

    1. Thanks Sarah. The jacket is red, the color is just slightly off in these pictures.