Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Biker Jacket, Stripes, and Metallic.

Today my daughter and I went to lunch with my brother to a Chinese buffet. The places food was decent and the decor was super pretty, but they were insanely packed and the service was subpar-you get your own food, but they are supposed to serve your drinks. Towards the end of our meal I flagged down one of the wait staff to refill our drinks, so the guy takes mine and my brothers glasses and refills them, but filled up our glasses with the opposite kind of pop.  We both ended up with this nasty Coke/Dr. Pepper mix-BLAH!, which I had to then get up again and get the guy to dump it out and give me the right thing. Uggg, ridiculousness I tell yeah.

Coat and Shoes: Target. Shirt: LYS. Jeans: Torrid. Bag: MMS

Just to show off the top of the shirt, and the cute panda stained glass windows. :)

I severely need to shorten these pants, they're way too long; but I'm lazy and keep putting it off.

On a side note, I'm thinking of changing my comments section to Disqus. Your thoughts? Recommendations, and pros/cons from those who use it would be appreciated.


  1. Really love your look, and I totally understand bad service!! Seems like I get bad service when I go out more often than not!


  2. I love thats top. I live in ireland and being a uk size 22 its a nightmare finding clothes. Plus I have no fashion sense! You look super cute! xx

  3. disqus makes it really easy to repsond - and also to be able to see things you've replied too on other blogs. It's quite neat.