Friday, April 26, 2013

Birthday OutfitS

These pictures are from my birthday celebration. I went out with some friends, first we had dinner and then went to a club for drinks and dancing. I did change my clothes after dinner. I really wanted to wear my new pink shoes, but was not trying to wear them to the club. Similarly, the dress I wanted to wear with the pink shoes is WAY to heavy, just not a clubbing type, so after dinner I did a quick switch. Both the dresses have been featured on the blog before here and here

Shoes and Dress: Torrid. Lace Top Tee: Walmart.

Dress: Torrid. Shoes: Fashion Bug.

The last two pictures, man, I don't even know what to say about those; not the best, but the only two full outfit ones from the club.

Anyways, just wanted to get this post up before I forgot. In about two hours I'm headed to the vet to get my little rascal featured above, neutered. 


  1. Both dresses are very cute, I love your pink shoes! It looks like you had a blast for your birthday. And your kitty is too cute! :)


  2. Happy birthday fellow April baby!!!

  3. You look great! Hope you had a great birthday! AND YOUR CAT IS SOOO CUTE.

  4. Cute dresses, really love the purple one. It looks great on you! Looks like you had a lot of birthday fun! Such a cute fuzzy kitty!!


  5. grosse fan de la robe et du chat ;o)

    bonne semaine !

  6. Ohh you look like SO much fun to go out with. I've never been clubbing, can I come next time?!