Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This is from Saturday when I brought my daughter to her dance class. The first two pictures are from before we left, and the last two are after we got home. I decided to roll the jeans up, because let's face it, these are definitely statement shoes that NEED to be shown off to full capacity. Having the jeans pulled over the tops of them was just not doing the shoes any justice!

Necklace and Tortoise Bracelet: Fashion Bug. Gold Bracelet: Walmart. Shoes and Glasses: Target. Jeans: Torrid. Black Tank: Old Navy. Button Up Shirt: Kmart. Belt: Sears.

These shoes look like they are digging into my foot, I assure you they are not. They are actually quite loose, but the strap hits my little toe in an odd spot.


  1. Those shoes are great, I agree they should be shown. I really like how you rolled up your jeans to show them off. That's improvising at its best. :)


  2. Gorgeous!! I liek the jeans rolled up to show off those bangin' shoes too!!! Your daughter is a cutie! x

  3. Cute shoes. Great idea to roll them up! Love the safari-inspired influences.


  4. Your daughter is definitely giving us some 'werq' poses. Those Target wedges are amazeballs! Wow.

  5. Those shoes! Oh my!