Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dark Hallows

Maybe it's just me, but I think it is always a struggle trying to be fashionable while trying to wear something warm and practical. Tonight is specifically one of those times. My family and I went to a farm which does night time haunted things-you have your choice of a haunted corn maze called the Reaping, the Monster Safari which you shoot at Zombies with paint ball guns on a bus, or the Dark Hallows which you start out in the corn maze and work your way into the haunted woods. We chose the last option. Not only is it super cold, but the last week we have had hellacious amounts of rain; fortunately it wasn't raining tonight.

Peacoat: Old Navy. Sweater: Old Navy. Jeans: Source  of Wisdom. Boots: Born Concepts. Necklace: gifted from a friend from Mexico. Purse: Guess
 Bummed that this picture didn't really come out, but you get the point.

  I love love love this coat. Not only is it a fantastic shade of blue, but it is also a fleece rather than wool. Although I will buy wool coats, I am very sensitive to them and prefer other materials. I can't buy sweaters even with the slightest amount of wool other wise I feel like I am going crazy from it being scratchy! This is last seasons, but they still have this years available here in purple, navy, and red.

Anyways, compared to what most people were wearing-think thermal fleece, ski jackets, etc. I think I did pretty good. I love Halloween and haunted houses, I think it comes in a close second next to Christmas for my favorite time of the year. Hopefully I will be able to get in a few more posts before the month is up. Anyone else hitting up some haunted houses this year?

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