Saturday, October 27, 2012

Plaid Wool in the Fall

I love this time of year, there is always so much to do, although most of it tends to be outside. Yesterday my daughter and I went to another farm. This time, besides being cold it was raining also. Schilter farm does not do Halloween stuff so much as fall things. During the fall they open up a petting farm, and have a corn and hay maze. The corn maze this year was shaped like Tutankhamun in honor of the exhibit that is going on in Seattle. This is a working farm so you can purchase fresh fruits and veggies, homemade apple cider, etc. Of course one of their main things now is pumpkins, and come Christmas it will be trees.

Coat: Old Navy. Cardigan: Merona. Tee shirt: LYS. Wedge Boots: Mossimo. Pants: Earrings: Old Navy. Necklace: Fashion Bug

  The tee shirt is so much more awesome than it appears. It actually has lace shoulder that are the same color as the darker stripes.
  I loved these baby sheep, and so wanted to take them home with us. They were absolutely adorable.

  My necklace isn't in any of the other pictures because the middle ring broke right after we got to the farm and I didn't end up fixing it until we left and went to get lunch/dinner.
  Her coat is Old Navy also. I swear they have some of the best ones.

 This is in a barn that is open on 3 sides. You can see the fog drifting in the picture.
 And waiting for our meal after leaving the farm. I love my babes Bambi hoody; the expression Bambi is doing is SO her expression. After we ate we made one more stop off at Ross, and I started some Christmas shopping. Kind of an off shoot, but there are many times that I have had my daughter with me when I am buying her gifts for a future holiday. A lot of times she will ask who I am getting it for and I lie and tell her that I am buying it for one of my cousins kids-who are boys. She then started to ask why would a boy want the girl toy. So Yesterday I was trying to be slick and shove a Bratz doll car under the cart and she noticed. Then says "Who's that for?" I say I don't know what you're talking about. she responds with "I seen you put that under there". So I tell her "Oh, that's for Felicity," who is my 16 year old cousin. She screws her face up and says "um I don't think Felicity plays with toys like me." I was internally cracking up at her responses to me, but trying to be sly and shop for her while she's with me just gets trickier as she gets old. Ha ha so is life.

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