Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cool Mom Blue

Yesterday was such a nice day that I took my daughter to the park to walk by the lake and then play on the play ground.

Shirt: Fashion Bug. Vest: Indigo Women. Jeans: Source of Wisdom-Torrid. Earrings: Target. Necklace: Old Navy. Saddlebag: Betseyville. Boots: Lane Bryant. Starfish ring: Payless. Other Ring: Walmart.
My Daughter. Shirt and vest: Koala Kid. Skinny Jeans: Cherokee. Boots: Walmart.

Wow, my leg looks weird in the picture above, lol, anyways....These Jeans are the same ones worn in this post. They are reversible,which is great, but both sides have belt loops that end up rubbing my skin. Either I am going to end up cutting them off, or just have to start tucking a shirt in underneath.
I got this vest quite awhile ago on sale and haven't really been sure how I was going to wear it-besides the fact that it was also super duper hot that I didn't have a desire to. Since the weather has started to cool down a bit I gave it a go. I like the way it turned out, without being too camper-esq. 

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