Saturday, October 27, 2012

Harvest Festival

The church on my road was having a harvest festival tonight, which my daughter and I attended. It was fun. They had lots of games and crafts for the kids.
 I bought this tee shirt yesterday and am in LOVE with it.

 Blazer: Lane Bryant. Jeans: Tripp NYC. Shoes: Not sure of brand-purchased at Target. Shirt: Miss Popular

Earrings: Old Navy. Necklace: Fashion Bug. Fox ring: Payless. Pinky ring: black hills gold and diamond bought by my parents years ago. So this is a LB blazer as I said, but I got it at Fashion Bug, which I think I mentioned before is closing down. Everything is on clearance. This originally $50 blazer was mine for something like $12, can you say score!
  Lol yes this is the bathroom at the church. All the other pics are my bug, or Minnie rather...

  Baby's art project. The Turkey says "Eat Beef," ha ha that's an idea, I get sick of turkey EVERY Thanksgiving.

Cupcake she won.


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    1. Thank you. Now that we are past Halloween, it's going to be a blast to do all the Christmas themed stuff. We are waiting for Zoo Lights at Point Defiance to hurry up and open. Just curious do you know if the Seattle Zoo does something similar?